20 m3 / 17 m3 / 15 m3 / 13 m3 / 10 m3 / 8 m3 / 6 m3
  Full hydraulic manual  or automatic  control
  *Automatic control operating electronically and pneumatically
  *Automatic control panel
  Emergency shut down button and driver warning button The system made of a suitable  pump,valve,piping and oil  tank  for the  hydraulic system  together with the best hydraulic components in the market, operates  at a pressure of 120-140 bar  with  a compression  ratio of
    1/5  or 1/3
  Body construction; roof and sides 3 mm   , floor 4mm
  Ejection panel
  Tailgate includes packer and carrier assemblies 
  Special gasket seal between  body and  tailgate 
  1-1.5 m3 hopper  made of iron  steel sheets  construction
  Safety  lever( in case the tailgate opens)
  Waste water storage  reservoir  with automatic discharge  that prevents  the leakage of garbage  liquid to the streets 
Hydraulic container  handling system  that is suitable with containers of all size
  The vehicle is painted  with plastic  based material against corrosion
  The most suitable PTO for the  vehicle and is operated from the  driver’s cab
*automatic control
1-  PTO
2-  PTO lever
3-  Engine speed lever
4-  Hydraulic pump
5-  Hydraulic control valves
6-  Hydraulic piping
7-  Hydraulic oil tank
8-  Hydraulic cylinders
9-  Garbage body
10-  Ejection panel
11-  Carrier
12-  Packer
13-  Hopper
14-  Tailgate
15-  Container handling system
16-  Telescopic cylinder
17-  Warning light
18-  Spare tyre  and spare tyre space
19-  Driver warning button and                  
20-  Working light

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